Breaking News - Spanish Fertilisers Regulation

 ! Breaking News - Spanish Fertilisers Regulation !


Opening of the call for application for the inclusion of new product types into the Spanish fertilizer regulation (Royal Decree 506/2013)
As you may know, the Spanish fertilisers Regulation, Royal Decree 506/2013, has recently been modified under the Royal Decree 999/2017 of November 24 to include the group type "Special products based on microorganisms".
Because of the continued development of new products, the Spanish competent authorities have now opened a procedure allowing to include new fertiliser product types into the Annex I. This will give a market opportunity for those products with currently lack of a legal frame.
The deadline for the submission of the applications for the modification of Annex I of Real Decree 506/2013 is 15 days starting from the 1st February 2018!
RRA has all the resources to support you in the preparation of this application including Spanish-speaking regulatory affairs experts!


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