Agricultural field trials

REDEBEL is a European specialist in biological PPP (Plant Protection Product) dossiers GEP-certified agricultural trials and GLP-certified residue trials

Since 1988, REDEBEL has been collaborating with many customers in designing and conducting agronomic and residue trials for all types of PPPs, whether they be

These trials may be conducted by R&D, as a demo or for product registration in order to develop it properly and position it on the agricultural market. Tests in special demonstration platforms can be set up in Belgium for any crop imaginable upon request by the customer. Shared platforms are established annually with a single target, for example Phytophthora affecting potato, Septoria in cereals, etc.

REDEBEL has all GEP and GLP certifications.
REDEBEL can design a comprehensive European programme and draft the customer's complete biological/residue dossier for the purpose of registering a product or range of products.
Confidentiality is a high priority for REDEBEL.
REDEBEL has its own Quality Assurance department, which works closely with the company's other departments (residue, registration).

REDEBEL: strengths to consider for your agricultural field trials

In France, REDEBEL was recognized as a Research and Development Organisation by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. This certification allows our clients in France to benefit from the Research Tax Credit (CIR).

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