Concept of Biocidal Product Families

This new note for guidance, which implements the concept of biocidal product families, has been publicly released last Friday (CA-July19-Doc4.2-Final).

This guidance document gathers the elements development by the Working Party (WP) in relation to the authorization of biocidal products grouped in family (BPF) and develops a lot of new technical concepts. The most important chapter of this note for guidance is related to the assessment of similarity in BPF by applicants.
This chapter is subdivided into 3 main topics:
  • Similarity of composition: definition of the backbone composition and grouping of co-formulants
  • Similarity of uses: use of the new developed tool (matrix tool)
  • Similarity levels of risks and efficacy: core assessment and subsets to the core
It is important to note that this note for guidance shall apply to new applications submitted for BPF authorisation as of 1st October 2019. This guidance could be applied for applications submitted before that date if the applicants agree. The note for guidance of 2014 (CA-Nov14-Doc.5.8 – Final.rev3) is repealed as from that date.
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