Non-target plant studies (BPL)

Redebel strives to offer you cutting-edge research and development services which go beyond the scope of field trials. We also offer our support by conducting ecotoxicological studies on non-target plants (GLP). These tests are conducted under controlled conditions and assess phytotoxicity on non-target crops.

Nowadays, for placing your product on the market, you are required to follow the regulations established by the Competent Authorities (Reg. (EC) No 1107/2009: Reg. (EU) 284/2013). This is the way to prove that your product does not pose a risk for the environment. These tests focus on plants which could be unintentionally exposed to plant protection products due to drift or residue left from the previous crop, also known as effect on adjacent and succeeding crops.

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Thanks to its agronomic and regulatory expertise, Redebel supports you in the development and marketing of your plant protection product by meeting regulatory requirements.

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