Private and shared platform

Each year REDEBEL sets up two types of trial platforms based on customer demand

These trials are only possible in Belgium.

Private platform for a single client

Customers may request that REDEBEL set up a platform for several crops with a full range of different products.

Shared platform for multiple clients

In cereals, first and second crop

In response to requests by many customers, REDEBEL regularly offers bundled selectivity and efficacy trials in cereals for all types of PPP. REDEBEL can implement and perform selectivity and efficacy trials on cereals such as wheat, winter barley, triticale, rye, oat, barley and spelt. These trials can be performed on different varieties of the same species as REDEBEL has been doing for many years on winter wheat. These trials are generally performed in 4 replicates. This ensures a reliable varietal response to the various herbicides, fungicides, growth regulators, fertilisers or other PPP. A complete battery of qualitative post-harvest tests may also be offered.

REDEBEL offers the possibility of testing cereal fungicides under extreme conditions. A misting programme may be set up. If you have ever doubted the capabilities of your cereal fungicides in controlling Septoria and other diseases with a high infestation rate, this offer should interest you! Your fungicides may be pushed to their limit. A single trial will suffice in clearing up your doubts regarding the effectiveness of your fungicides. You decide on treatment protocols. Trials are set to demo or GEP standards, it is up to you. The trial procedure remains the confidential property of each participating customer. Each customer receives a confidential trial report upon request.

For potato, maize, rapeseed, grass or other crops

REDEBEL offers shared multi varietal selectivity and efficacy trials for potato, maize or any other crop upon request.

Shared fungicide efficacy trials to control Phytophthora in potato are set up on an annual basis. Maize trials are artificially inoculated and misted to achieve total infestation. Results are final. Customers know the efficacy of their fungicides under extreme conditions.

REDEBEL offers a full range of tests for potato farming: anti-sprouting, herbicide, fungicide, insecticide, desiccant, storage disease, ... and all related analyses.

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