Residue trials

REDEBEL has been a GLP-certified facility since 1993 and is authorised to conduct agricultural trials on samples for all types of residue analyses (harvested crops, soils ...). Studies directors are qualified to manage European residue programmes (NEU & SEU). REDEBEL collaborates with several European GLP-certified trial facilities for field experimentation. As for analytical testing, REDEBEL collaborates with several European GLP-certified analysis laboratories.

Pesticide residue levels in edible crops form part of the registration dossier. It is compulsory to establish Maximum Residue Levels (MRL) for every active substance studied and these are included in the registration dossier.

REDEBEL adheres to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and to all the latest European standards when conducting agricultural trials.

REDEBEL proposes several different types of residue trials

REDEBEL has several greenhouses available for even the most complex GEP/GLP trials

REDEBEL has 2 greenhouses measuring 8.5m x 30m (255 m²) each and 2 others measuring 7m x 25m (175 m²). We currently offer our clients 860 m² of greenhouse space under plastic cover to conduct all types of trials on site in REDEBEL's own facilities. Each of these four greenhouse tunnels has water and electricity. These tunnels will host your GEP or GLP trials in lettuce, tomatoes, hanging strawberries or any other vegetable or fruit to be grown under cover.

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