Biostimulant Conference

Redebel Regulatory Affairs has the pleasure to remember you her
Biostimulant Conference
on 19 April 2018 
  • Plant Biostimulants: concept and opportunities for a resource-efficient agriculture
  • Placing biostimulants on the market : regulatory strategies
  • Plant Biostimulants: between Fertilizers and plant protection products - regulatory positioning in Belgium
  • Authorization system of biostimulants in Hungary, and the possible consequences of the new EU regulation
  • National feedback from Italy and France
  • Feedback from industries
  • Biostimulant trial : methodology 
Who will participate as speakers ?
  • Competent authorities from Belgium, Hungary, Italy and France
  • Regulatory affairs manager from Solvay Novecare, Arysta LifeScience (EBIC Member) and Agrinos (EBIC Member)
  • Academic experts
  • Regulatory Affairs Experts
Practical Information
Where ? Redebel Regulatory Affairs - Rue de Chassart 4, 6221 Saint Amand, Belgium
When ? 19 April 2018
Price ?  400€ 
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