Biostimulant Conference - Save the date

Redebel Regulatory Affairs has the pleasure to remember you her
Biostimulant Conference
on 19 April 2018 
! Important information !
Biostimulants are a hot topic for the moment wich is demonstrated by the large number of inscription at our conference.
This means that our building will unfortunately be too small to welcome all of you here. Therefore we invite you at  Van der Valk hotel in Charleroi (close to our office).
Regarding the timing, you are welcome at the Van der Valk hotel from 8.00.
The conference will start at 9.00 and end at 16.30
Moreover we aslo would like to inform your that we will close registration on Friday the 13th of April.
! NEW !
Polish Competent Authorities will be present as attendees and will be ready to answer your questions.
  • Plant Biostimulants: concept and opportunities for a resource-efficient agriculture
  • Placing biostimulants on the market : regulatory strategies
  • Plant Biostimulants: between Fertilizers and plant protection products - regulatory positioning in Belgium
  • Authorization system of biostimulants in Hungary, and the possible consequences of the new EU regulation
  • National feedback from Italy and France
  • Feedback from industries
  • Biostimulant trial : methodology 
Who will participate as speakers ?
  • Competent authorities from Belgium, Hungary, Italy and France
  • Regulatory affairs manager from Solvay Novecare, Arysta LifeScience (EBIC Member) and Agrinos (EBIC Member)
  • Academic experts
  • Regulatory Affairs Experts
Practical Information
Where ? Redebel Regulatory Affairs - Rue de Chassart 4, 6221 Saint Amand, Belgium
When ? 19 April 2018
Price ?  400€ 
Don't hesitate, click here, complete the register file and send us your application at


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