Biocide - Call of Interest - Icaridine

If your company is selling PT19 icaridine (CAS N° 119515-38-7) based-products on the EU market, this message is for you!

Biocidal Products Committee (BPC) supported the approval of this active substance for use in insect repellents (product-type 19) in December 2018, leading to a possible approval date on December 2020 (deadline for submission of your BPR dossiers). Please note the formal approval date is thus still currently unknown.
Complying with the BPR requirements is a major challenge for companies and SME’s in particular.
In this context, RRA has initiated a PT19 icaridine consortium to gather companies that are looking for specific support to upgrade their products' compliance with cost reduction thanks to the benefits of collaboration and the Biocidal Product Family (BPF) concept.
RRA provides technical, scientific and regulatory support to individual companies and consortia in their active substances and biocidal product registration obligations since the implementation of the BPD n°98/8/EC in the early 2000’s and now with the BPR n°528/2012.
Thanks to our experience working with Consortia, we developed an efficient and proven strategy mixing science, regulatory challenge and cost saving.
With RRA, you will not only maintain your products on the market, we will develop with you new solutions in line with the market of tomorrow.
If you decide to join efforts within a consortium for your PT19 icaridine based-products dossier preparation, please contact us at by the 31st August 2019!

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