ARM summary across trials

ARM ST (Summary Across Trials) is an add-in option that fits into an installed ARM program.

Product overview

This valuable tool combines and averages similar assessments in ARM trials across locations and years. ARM ST helps researchers average and report similar trials conducted at several locations, or multiyear trials. Because ARM ST uses the ARM interface, an experienced ARM user can readily learn to use ARM ST.

Product managers can use ARM ST to average results for a trial series based on a common protocol.

ARM ST aids in planning research by identifying existing trials with a specific treatment or group of treatments, and then listing all assessments for those treatments.

The ARM ST author was a crop protection researcher for more than twenty years, and understands your research needs. We encourage users to call with their computer questions and ideas. Many ARM ST features are suggestions from our current clients. GDM provides free support for the current version of all software that GDM markets.

See our ARM ST Brochure (pdf) for more information about ARM, and see our Products Update newsletter (pdf) for the latest information about all GDM products.

System Requirements for ARM and ST

Requirements for ARM are based on minimum software required to support Microsoft .NET 4.5 runtime, plus hardware to provide adequate software performance for typical tasks. Recommended system configuration is :

Ordering information

ARM ST includes a license file to unlock the ST add-in within an installed ARM program. We provide free computer support on the current versions of our software. Please complete the order form to purchase our software.

A free demonstration program is available on request.

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