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The driving force of the RRA Academy is to share the knowledge and skills developed by our experts. RRA has always had the mission of sharing its know-how internally and to that end has developed several thematic working groups.

These working groups emerged from the own initiative of experts wishing to share internally but also externally their technical knowledge acquired on the basis of their experience and situations faced during the preparation, the submission and the defense of the regulatory dossiers.

From these working groups of senior experts possessing strong competences in the redaction, submission and defense of the regulatory dossiers to the competent authorities working in the area of the plant protection and nutrition, the biocides and REACH, RRA wants to share their experience and knowledge with you in order to support you in your career paths. And this, by offering you a training catalog with basic training courses as well as the possibility to design and develop a training according to your current regulatory and technical needs.

Basic training

Our selection of current and challenging trainings on the core elements of the regulations (BPR, CLP, PPP, REACH).

Next training:

Tailor-made training

The training adapted to your business goals and marketing strategy specifically related to your portfolio.

The tailor-made training is created especially to answer your expectations. This training mode allows you to benefit of senior and experienced trainers in the domain you would like your company to improve into.

That will also provide you some tips and tricks, advices and allow you to work on possible development plans specific to your case, your portfolio and still in line with the EU regulatory context.

The advantage of such training mode is that it can be organized as you want in terms of logistic aspects and is opened to all your team for the same cost.

Cost for such training: a specific quotation will be proposed based on your training expectations. The hourly rate is 140€/hour (preparation and training duration). We can also come into your office (additional cost proposed as option if wished).

Please find here below some examples of tailor-made training topics:


  • Poison Center Notifications portal (PCN)
  • Human Health Risk Assessment (HHRA) and Environment Risk Assessment (ERA) specific to one or several product-type(s) and application(s) related to your portfolio and discussion of possible refinement(s) or product adaptation(s) if necessary
  • General training on Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR, Regulation (EU) 528/2012) for a regulatory team in biocidal regulatory affairs or for marketing team
  • Transitional period requirements and tips and trick in all EU member states
  • Biocidal products family: your potential challenges based on your products
  • And many to comes depending on your needs.

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