Crop residue trials (GLP)

REDEBEL can perform trials directly in growers’ fields or greenhouses as permitted by the products being tested. Thus, REDEBEL has a large network of farmers and vegetable growers who have become familiar with the requirements of experimentation.

In some cases, where the crop tested is less common or more demanding or where so required by the products, trials may also be performed at our own facilities. In the case of more complex trials, REDEBEL has all the necessary equipment and know-how needed to autonomously cultivate several hectares in the vicinity of our offices.

REDEBEL has 2 greenhouses measuring 8.5m x 30m (255 m²) each and 2 others measuring 7m x 25m (175 m²). We currently offer our clients 860 m² of greenhouse space under plastic cover to conduct all types of trials on site in REDEBEL's own facilities. Each of these four greenhouse tunnels has water and electricity.

Depending on the needs of the plants being studied, REDEBEL can offer general (umbrella sprinklers) or localised irrigation (drip systems).

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