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02 Dec

Biostimulants Project

Redebel has developed a research project focused on biostimulants which began on the 1st of October 2020 and will run...

26 Nov

Newsletter Redebel - November

Our last Newsletter is available !  

17 Nov

Chemical Watch Conference - Biocides Europe 2020

One of our expert will attend the Chewical Watch online conference "Biocides Europe 2020 as speaker on the November...

25 June

Newsletter June 2020

Our Newsletter of June is available ! Contact us at info@redebel.com

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A private Belgian SME at European scale A private Belgian SME at European scale

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RRA: Junior Expert - Plant Protection Products

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REDEBEL is a team of highly qualified professionals working together to offer you the very best! We focus our work on effective communication and our philosophy is rooted in innovation, transparency, customer satisfaction and long-term collaboration.

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