Redebel Research management

Our research directors can manage your GLP and GEP studies from the drawing up of an experimental design, through to the drafting of the final report.

The research director is responsible for supervising your trials. He is charged by REDEBEL with supervising GLP and GEP studies in accordance with the prevailing regulations and REDEBEL's strictest quality standards.

Our research directors work in close collaboration with those responsible for the different phases and with those responsible for quality assurance.

For over 30 years, our flexible organisation has allowed us to provide you with swift assistance and the solutions you need to:

  • Assess needs;
  • Select the best partners where necessary;
  • Draft the experimental design or protocol;
  • Coordinate and control field and analytical phases;
  • Draft the final report (summary and conclusion);
  • Store raw data (GLP).



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