Redebel Regulatory Affairs Team & skills

Our constantly growing team is made up of people trained in active listening and in resolving complex issues with a critical, open, creative and service-oriented mind.

You can benefit from our skills in project management but also from our technical and administrative expertise with respect to your requests. We have developed several tools (and continue to do so) to achieve our/your objectives:

customer relationship management tool (CRM) allowing planning, invoicing and customer follow-up

platform for knowledge sharing and knowledge building

working groups on the following topics:

  • National and European legislation related to plant protection and nutrition, REACH and biocidal products
  • Sections of a dossier: physical & chemical aspects, analytical methods, toxicology, fate in the environment, ecotoxicology, efficacy, residue (including the summary of the studies and risk assessment)
  • Additional legislation and cross-disciplinary topics (CLP, SDS, etc.)
  • IT tools (IUCLID, R4BP3...) and algorithms

Ongoing training and regulatory monitoring



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