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Indoor Trial Residues studies

Redebel has been GLP-certified since 1993 and is authorised to carry out agricultural trials and sampling for all types of residue analyses (harvested crops, soil ...). (EC Regulation N° 1107/2009 and "Guideline for the testing of chemicals N° 509, Crop Field Trial, June 2021").

We have been conducting residue studies under controlled conditions for many years. Redebel helps you obtain certified data concerning your trials / residue studies (toxicological and eco-toxicological).

Our team members have become experts in conducting residue trials under controlled conditions both in the field and in soilless conditions. We can also manage trellised crops. Several different irrigation techniques can be implemented.

Residue levels in harvested products (and/or in processed products) are an integral part of a registration dossier. The residue levels observed during the study will be compared to the Maximum Residue Level (MRL) in force.

We also conduct your European GLP studies. These studies are managed by our study directors who collaborate with test sites and recognised European GLP analysis laboratories. We therefore cover both the Northern

European zone and the Southern European zone.

Redebel can carry out these trials directly on site or at the grower's location when so permitted by the products being tested. Our experts can analyse the residue levels of your conventional plant protection products as well as your biosolutions (OECD ENV/JM/MONO(2011)50/Rev1).


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